How whatsapp makes money? – Where does Whatsapp make money?

WhatsApp is a platform that people from all over the world use. There are more than 1000 chats on WhatsApp in a minute. Also, WhatsApp’s downloads on Playstore are more than 5 billion.

Many people want to know how WhatsApp earns money because, on WhatsApp, it does not even have advertisements.

I will tell you today how WhatsApp earns money and from where it makes money.

So let’s start today’s article.

First of all, if you do not know, then let me tell you that WhatsApp belongs to the Facebook company. Whatsapp was created in February 2009 and at that time one thing was cleared that there would be no advertisement show in it.

Also, WhatsApp was made according to this that in the first year you can use WhatsApp for free, and from next year, you have to pay some money to use WhatsApp.

How whatsapp makes money - Where does Whatsapp make money

But in 2014, Facebook company owner Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp within 19 billion dollars.

Now let me tell you that the user base of WhatsApp is very big, seeing that the owner of WhatsApp thought about making money from WhatsApp.

Keeping in mind the user base of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business was also created, which is made only for businessmen.

Now WhatsApp business has many features with the help of which businessmen can easily increase their business.

Whatsapp business has very good features such as auto-reply, with the help of which the customer gets an automatic reply from the businessman.

How whatsapp makes money - Where does Whatsapp make money

Previously, most of the features in the WhatsApp business were free and used for businessmen and the businessmen could easily use them without paying a single rupee.

But now many features of WhatsApp business have become premium, that is, if you want to use those features then you will have to pay some money according to the year.

Let me tell you, many people also use the premium features of WhatsApp Business, due to which WhatsApp can make money.

Now the other way through which WhatsApp can make money is WhatsApp’s money transfer system.

You will also know that there was news in the middle that money can be transferred to anyone through WhatsApp.

This means that when you send money to someone through WhatsApp, then WhatsApp may also charge you some money for sending money.

How whatsapp makes money - Where does Whatsapp make money

That is why Whatsapp is not advertised, because WhatsApp also wants to increase its number of users, due to which it can earn money from the other way.

Let me tell you that maybe WhatsApp pay has not come to India yet. Whatsapp is an app that you will get to see in every human’s mobile and keeping in mind the same thing, Whatsapp does not want to earn money by advertising and dissatisfy the user.

This thing is absolute that no app works for free, everyone earns money, but everyone has their own different way of earning money.

Also, there is an app by Mark Zuckerberg, which is called Facebook, and let me tell you that Facebook also has a lot of downloads.

There is a lot of advertising in the Facebook app, due to which the Facebook company is making more money from Facebook than WhatsApp.

Let me tell you that when you talk to someone on WhatsApp about any product, WhatsApp has all the data.

Whatsapp only does is take the information about the product you want and when you run Facebook, you will see more ads related to the same product.

Whatsapp always picks up the information about what you want from your chat.

I am not saying that WhatsApp is taking the wrong advantage of your information but it is true that WhatsApp can extract any kind of information from your chats.

How whatsapp makes money - Where does Whatsapp make money

Whatsapp adds information related to anything to Facebook Ads and in this way also WhatsApp earns money.

Let me clear all your queries on how WhatsApp earns money and why ads do not run on Whatsapp.

It is also being heard that advertisements can be run on WhatsApp soon, through which WhatsApp will be able to earn even more money.

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