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Hello friends, do you also want to know what is the history of gaming and what was the first video game.

I would like to tell you that you read this article completely and you will get answers to every one of your questions.

I will tell you which was the first gaming console.

First of all, let me tell you that the generation of the game that is going on right now is the 8th generation. In which you will get to see even a touchscreen console.

Also, I will also tell you how the generation of the game is decided and how you will be able to identify which generation of the game you are playing.

Let me tell you the entire first generation to 8th generation game, which will help you to know the specification of the game and you will be able to play the game in your computer properly.

First Generation (1972-1984)


Let me tell you that the first generation of the game was a game called PONG which was an arcade game. It was the most famous game of that time.

pong game - first generation

Let me tell you that with this game people started taking interest in the gaming world. The most amazing thing is that more than 700 consoles were made with this game but both games and consoles did not run much.

This generation is also called a one-bit game as it had only two colors, Black and White.

Second Generation (1976-1992)


Now the new generation came in that the game had a lot of improvements. This generation was also called the second generation.

Almost great colors started appearing in the games of this generation and the color range also increased to about 8bit.

But the graphics of the games of this generation were not so high as there were a lot of limitations in the hardware at that time.

atari 2600 - second generation

Also, 12 frames per second game could be rendered. Also, the game that became most famous in this generation was STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES.

The best console that came in this generation was the ATARI 2600. In this console, the customer got a joystick which also had an action button.

Also, there was another game in this generation called GALGA. This console was also liked by people and people liked to play games in this console too.

Third Generation (1983-2003)


By this generation now people had become fond of games. The best console for people came in this generation, which was named NES i.e. Nintendo Entertainment System.

This console used to run very good games like Super Mario, Contra, etc. Console sales had increased a lot in this generation as people were enjoying its games very much.

Nintendo Entertainment System - third generation

The console also had two remotes that made playing games a lot of fun. The graphics of the games were very good in this generation and this console could render 32 colors simultaneously, due to which the pixels of the game did not burst.

There was not much focus on sound in this generation of consoles as ATARI had more sound cuts than NES. But Stages was seen in this generation of games, which people liked very much.

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Fourth Generation (1987-2004)


The graphics of this generation were even better than the third generation. Also, this generation also focused its entire attention on graphics.

The graphics in this game could render more than 220 colors simultaneously and had the same sound card hardware.

Also, the games which came in this generation had ruled the hearts of the people. The most popular games of this generation were STREET FIGHTER 2, SUPER MARIO WORLD, and FINAL FANTASY 3.

sega genesis - fourth generation

Also, people play Super Mario World to date. The two gaming consoles were the most famous in this generation, the first was Sega Genesis and the second was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as SNES.

These gaming consoles had six action buttons, which caused a huge change in the gaming generation.

Fifth Generation (1993-2005)


Now the biggest change in the gaming world came in the Fifth Generation as 3d games started in this generation.

In this generation, high graphics gaming consoles started coming in such as PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Atari Jaguar.

Also, 2D games of the same generation were also highly advanced such as Megaman X4, Megaman 8, and Heart of Darkness.

But due to 3d technology being new, the graphics were very low. Super Mario 64 was the most played in Nintendo’s n64.

atari jaguar - fifth generation

Also, due to the 3D technology, remotes of gaming consoles were also coming with analog sticks, which rotated the camera from one side and movement from the other side.

Also, four new function keys were also introduced in these remotes, namely L1, L2, R1, R2. In this generation, many people started spending more time with the game.

Sixth Generation (1998-2013)


This generation started the arrival of big games and in this generation, the main three gaming consoles came who ruled the entire gaming industry.

The three gaming consoles were named Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. These gaming consoles also had high RAM and video cards.

god of war - sixth generation

Also because of new technologies, consoles could render games quickly. Also in this generation, very good games also came, such as God of War and Prince of Persia, from which their owners are still earning.

Also in this generation, very good games of WWE also came, due to which young people started playing a lot.

Seventh Generation (2005-2017)


Graphics of games were very high in this generation, as well as two gaming consoles were most popular in this generation, namely PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Also, these consoles used to run big games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Assassin’s Creed Series, and God of War 3. In this generation, the graphics were so good that all the things to the user looked real.

playstation 3 - seventh generation

Also, the remote of this generation’s gaming console had trigger buttons due to which the user enjoyed playing the game even more.

Also, open-world games got a big boost in this generation. But now the official end of this generation has been done as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s death declares.

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Eighth Generation (2011-Present)


Talking about eight generations, this generation has created a gaming community. In this generation, the game’s graphics are both cinematic and realistic.

Also, by playing the games of this generation, the user can roam the whole world at home. User happiness has been taken care of while making this generation of games.

Also, when talking about gaming consoles, two gaming consoles are becoming very popular in this generation, namely Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

gta 5 - eighth generation

Also, the missions of all games on these consoles are also depicted realistically. People play games on these consoles and enjoy them immensely.

Also, PlayStation 5 is coming soon, whose interface is very beautiful. Also, if this gaming console can be released in November 2020. It will also be the ninth generation gaming console.

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